Prof Giulio Ghersi

Principal Investigator, Working at ABIEL - Applicazioni Biomediche ed Industrali di Enzimi Litici

Prof Ghersi, Abiel’s CEO- is an expert in enzymology and biochemistry with an international background including post-doctoral research at University of Georgetown in Washington. Since 1995, he has studied the role, function and structural-functional organization of proteolytic enzymes in the processes of cell motility/invasiveness.

He is the author of many relevant papers in prestigious scientific journals and is peer reviewer for several international scientific journals. Prof Ghersi acts as Principal Investigator and Scientific Coordinator of two FP7 Projects: PONa3_00273 Line, for the creation of: “Mediterranean Centre for Human Health Advanced Biotechnologies” (23 Mln.€) and PON01_01287 Line, on regeneration of articular cartilage with advanced biomaterials. 

Prof Giulio Ghersi

     This project has received funding from the EU Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme. Grant agreement No 645991

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